Live tracking of the “Bonus Miles Flottila 2017” event, powered by Openichnos! – Openichnos

Live tracking of the "Bonus Miles Flottila 2017" event, powered by Openichnos!

The "Bonus Miles Flottila 2017" event is being organized this year with the cooperation of Openichnos ®.

The sailing yachts of "Bonus MIles Flotilla 2017", which departed from the northern point of Aegean Sea, Keramoti port and are going South in Aegean sea, crossing at least 500 miles with sails, have already aboard installed Openichnos ® tracking devices.

Openichnos ® gives you the opportunity to watch in real-time the tracking routes of Flotilla's sailing yachts!

Follow the link and track this experience!


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