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Frequently asked questions

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General questions

How it works?
Openichnos tracking device is regularly triggered, obtaining position based on GPS, GALILEO and GLONASS satellite network, transmitting the corresponding coordinates to Openichnos cloud infrastructure via the Iridium satellite network.

The routes created from the transmitted positions are fully visualized on the user’s administration panel for a convenient and easy monitoring.

The visualization consists of position, course and speed information of the asset for specific time intervals, while complete history is also provided.
How energy autonomy is succeeded?
We designed and manufactured a device with two key goals in mind:

very low power consumption and
equipped with a non-toxic battery and a very small solar panel.

This makes Openichnos able to work for 60 days without sunlight and reach full charge in just 3 days of sunshine!
What’s the size of OpenIchnos device?
The device is very small in size compared to similar solutions, making its installment and use very practical for anyone.
Device's dimensions: 20cm x 18cm x 5cm (Width x Depth x Height)
Does the instalment of the device affects my asset?
No, the device refers to an utterly plug & play solution without the need to make any kind of drilling or other alteration on the asset.

OpenIchnos device comes with a variety of mounting options, enabling mounting wherever you want.
I have a GSM tracking solution. What’s the difference?
GSM network coverage is quite limited in the sea, resulting in loss of signal to extended areas in which our assets can be found.

Openichnos uses a hybrid way of communication using both GSM and satellite network for transmitting its tracking data, having 100% global coverage, from pole to pole.
How do I monitor my assets?
Having OpenIchnos on your asset, we provide you with a personal account accessing your monitor dashboard.

The dashboard provides map visualization of tyour assets' route, complete tracking history, alerting notifications.
Can I track my asset with my phone or tablet?
Yes, you can access Openichnos dashboard from whichever device you want. Openichnos dashboard is fully compatible with any kind of device and browsers, having a responsible design for succeeding it.
Why do I need a monthly service plan?
Your Openichnos device is a connected device and requires a separately billed service plan to communicate the asset's GPS data over both the cellular and satellite network. The Service Plan fee includes both the cellular and satellite data fee and access to the Openichnos mapping dashboard website. Please, check our Service Plans for further details.
How are the service plan fees collected?
By deposit. A deposit is required for each device activated. The deposit amount is equal to one month’s service plan fee.

Request support

Openichnos offers supports 24/7 all over the year.

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